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I was awakened at 4:41 am this morning (9/19/19) and was given these words that I believe are a corporate word for God's bride:


There is a mantle that is over a chosen remnant that the Lord is giving a double portion. He is sharpening senses and will bear witness to things that have been and will be revealed to you.

Those who are totally surrendered and willing to be obedient no matter the cost are going to inherit their birthright. The fullness of it.

It will be heavy. It won't be easy. It will bear a cost and a high risk.

Things that you couldn't see before will suddenly come into focus. There will be clarity in the words God is giving you. It's like all of a sudden you will see clearly things that were blurry. Like putting on glasses and seeing the writing in front of you that was blurry before you put on the glasses.

What is revealed will hurt. It will not be easy to see. It is a level of wickedness and deception like you have never seen.


If you want to inherit your birthright, ask the Lord to show you the fullness.

To make those things that have been hazy clear ---- CRYSTAL CLEAR.

That there will be no room for other and false conclusions.

But know that with the revelation comes responsibility.

Gird your loins.

Brace yourself on the years of God's faithfulness.

The revelation you will receive is tied to breaking an enormous wall that is connected to your birthright.

Prophets will no longer be lonely. As God unites His bride and awakens His children's gifts, promises and prayers of generations ago will be fulfilled to completion. Until the day of "IT IS FINISHED."

I saw many different colors --> a rainbow.

When you are shown the fullness of God's assignment - that will be hard, scary, cost you potential consequences - when you are shown and begin to see things clearly, there will be a call to expose it. A day of reckoning.

It will take fortitude.



An Esther like moment - If I perish I perish.

His children who are obedient, no mater the cost, will inherit their birthright.

You will loose friends. But what you will gain is a true freedom.

Liberty like you have never experienced.

God has a chosen remnant who have given the hard words, who have sacrificed much, who have not backed down or quenched the fire shut up in their bones.

I saw loneliness dissipating and true intimacy with the body of believers being experienced.

This true intimacy will not be restored to some because they have never encountered the level of freedom and intimacy that is on the other side of order being restored through our birthright.

You will have to choose.

There is a choice.

The fate of many, like Esther, will be tied to some people's choices.

You have no idea the level of influence your choice has.

Those who have lived disciplined lives will especially reap a harvest.

God's eye has been on you.

There is a great reward coming.


Beyond anything you can think or imagine.

You don't even understand the true meaning of overflow!

Keep your daily creed to live by this: Keep my hands clean and my heart pure.

There will not just be growth in the body (in the church).

Many churches are growing in size and are fat spiritually.

The growth God is about to pour out will be different because there will be fruit - the tree will bear fruit.

Before this can take place, there are people in control who will be exposed and will no longer hinder the tree from bearing fruit. No more large plants (churches) with no fruit.

And it is not just any fruit - it is CHOICE FRUIT.

Not every day fruit.

This fruit will come to the flocks willing to undergo pruning and cut off those branches that are hindering the abundant crop that God wants to produce.

Do not let guilt block you from pruning and cutting off who needs to be pruned.

It must happen to grow and produce fruit.

Be encouraged, the branch He is telling you to cut was connected to the vine and refused to repent.

They have literally used God's AMAZING GRACE as an excuse to stay bound.

There has been ample opportunities for them to repent.

They have refused and become so arrogant.

They have a false sense of power among the flock but in reality there is no depth to their intimacy with the flock.

When the wickedness is revealed and exposed, clarity and liberty will follow.

No more shoots of wickedness will grow beyond a small bud on the tree because it will be pruned before it can suck nutrients away from the fruit bearing branches.

Stay connected to the true vine.

He will cut fear, shame, guilt, loneliness, pride, and arrogance out of you, if you yield to His touch.

He is taking some back to the Garden of Eden.

To a place of walking in the cool of the day.

It is a level of communion that we have never seen or experienced before.

Resist temptations to eat forbidden fruit.

Kill the serpent BEFORE he even speaks.

Resist the devil from the moment you even see him and has the opportunity to speak --> for out of his mouth is deception and lies.

When you resist he MUST flee.

Resistance: there is a tension with resistance.

There is a choice. Do not entertain.

It is a matter of life and death.

Chose life.

Ephesians 4:1 "As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace."

9/19/19 concluded at 5:25 a.m

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