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My motto is always have someone in your life up, down, and alongside you. Someone who's further along and discipling you, someone younger who you're pouring into, and a friend in the same stage of life as accountability.

Kaitrin Valencia

I have a passion for God and seeing people, families and communities thriving in victory.

In my tenure of serving over 2 decades in government, churches, non-profits, and the community, I have witnessed many tragedies and also celebrated many victories.  

My vision is to utilize my unique experience and expertise as a BRIDGE for these different "systems" to ignite united, sustainable outcomes that impact generations.

On paper I am an:

  • Attorney

  • Author & Grant writer

  • Public speaker (church conferences/retreats/workshops, government panelists/trainer)

  • College professor

  • Non-profit founder and manager

  • Board Member, and

  • Expert in strategic planning and organizational and program design, juvenile justice administration, evidence based practices, faith based non-profit management and human trafficking awareness, outreach, and programming  

If all that impresses you...great....but in person I am me.  

A BRIDGE who loves all people.




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