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I love railroad tracks and bridges.  They represent areas along a path where different people connect and intersect.  When you book an event with me you are committing to building a BRIDGE in your area of influence. Before we connect, please check out the various topics of expertise that I would love to come provide impartation, encouragement and/or professional development for your team.

If you have a specific need and it is not delineated here, please don't hesitate to connect with me to see if either myself or someone in my network can assist in providing you with the specific needs you have.  Together we are stronger!

Building Bridges Through Consulting

Areas of Expertise






  • Book Writing/Publishing

  • Website Development & Maintenance

  • Podcast Launching

  • Personal Strategic Planning

Personal Coach

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  • Conference & Retreat Speaker

  • Licensed TN & IL Attorney - incorporating non-profit

  • Grant writing/management

  • Donor acquisition and retention

  • Human trafficking: awareness, outreach, operating a safe house

  • Board Development

  • Mission, Vision, Strategic Planning

  • Program/Ministry design and implementation

  • Efficiency in data collection & measurement

  • Branding, Website development, social media

Non-Profits &


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  • Best Practices and Evidence-Based Practices

  • Grant writing/management

  • Efficiency in data collection & measurement

  • Program design, pilot, and implementation

  • Female Responsive Programming 

  • JDAI and BARJ Programming

  • Human trafficking identification

  • Mission, Vision, Strategic Planning

  • Program design, pilot, and implementation

  • Assessment & Case Management

  • Engaging and Empowering Faith Community

Courts &


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Book Writing/Publishing: How to Write and Self Publish

  • Resources to organize your writing (affordable writing software)

  • Proper Scripture citations 

  • Find a reasonable quality editor

  • Book cover graphic designer

  • Step by step assistance in self-publishing with KDP (Amazon) 

  • Audiobook recording and publishing

  • Book launch

Website Development and Maintenance:

  • Purchasing a domain

  • Hosting (pointing DNS)

  • Content development and maintenance (graphics, pictures, wording)

  • Website payment integration/store

Podcast Launching: 

  • Purchase quality equipment (mic) at affordable costs

  • Record and edit from your own home (free software) 

  • Create an RSS

  • Publish podcasts

Personal Strategic Planning: 

  • Prayerful revelation of divine purpose/calling

  • Develop an attainable step by step path to successful fulfillment

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