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Confident Humility

Working with those who have a lot of hurt, pain, and trauma, I often get people who confide in me things they have done that they are ashamed of. One night as I was praying for one person in particular and asking for God's wisdom and His perfect will for this individual, I read this verse:

"Let us then [meaning after we mess up] approach God's throne of grace with CONFIDENCE, so that we may RECEIVE mercy and FIND grace to HELP us in our time of need." Hebrews 4:16.

Yet, when we mess up it is so hard to come to God's thrown with confidence because we often feel guilt, embarrassment, shame, fear of consequences, or condemnation. We have to be careful though because confidence does not mean arrogance. If we approach His thrown of grace with arrogance I imagine it would sound something like this: "well I messed up again but it's okay because God will forgive me." When we approach his thrown of grace like this, we are taking advantage and cheapening His grace that He gives to us and that He paid for with His life. There was a cost for the grace GIVEN to us. We didn't have to pay for it - but He did!

The confidence here in approaching His thrown of grace has true humility and gratitude attached to it, and not self-pity, condemnation, fear or arrogance. And when we approach His thrown with that disposition (confident humility) that is when true repentance and change takes place. Yes you can be confident and humble at the same time! Just a small thought for you today as I continue to thank God for the grace He has had on my life and those I am so blessed to work with!

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