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Captivating My Thoughts

In a scroll through my newsfeed on social media tonight someone had as their status to “post the 4th picture in their phone gallery in the comment.” Lots of funny posts and comments followed. I’m sure you have seen these and even participated or declined participation because of the embarrassing picture that was 4th in your phone.

This post started me thinking – what if there was a way to memorialize our thoughts and we were asked in a status to post the 8th thought previous to what we were currently thinking. Sound silly?

Well the Bible tells us in Romans 14:12 that we will give an account of ourselves to God. Matthew 12:36 reveals we will give an account for every idle word that comes out of our mouth. Well words start with thoughts. And Jesus even taught that looking and thinking of a woman in a lustful way was a sin. There are so many examples in scripture that point to how much God cares about our thoughts.

If we are honest all of us have struggled with thoughts that are destructive, negative, complaints and sinful. One of my foundational scriptures that has helped me navigate negative and destructive thoughts is 2 Corinthians 10:5 that instructs us to hold captive every thought to the obedience of Christ. This is great but how do you do this? How do you jail thoughts?

I’m a practical list kinda girl, so here are some ways that I have successfully implemented in my walk to hold the inevitable negative thoughts captive:

  1. Align and Compare: First, align and compare the thought you are having with what the word of God says. If it is contrary move to the next suggestions:

  2. Captivate at Inception: The moment the contrary thought enters your mind jail it. It is so much harder to backtrack your thought pattern once you entertain it. It’s like a downward spiral, so stop the thought right at inception.

  3. Combat Lie with Truth: Fight the thought that is contrary to Christ with a truth found in scripture. The truth shall set you free so find a truth!

  4. Speak the Truth Out Loud: Once you identify truth(s) that combat the lie(s) entrenched in your thoughts, speak the truth out loud over your life. There is power in your tongue and Jesus has overcome and given you power and authority over everything that tries to rise against you.

  5. Rebuke, Bind and Loose: Rebuke the devil – bind the thought from the onset and loose a positive contrary thought. Use these words in your prayers – “I rebuke you satan. You have no authority or power in my life. I bind the thought of rejection and loose the truth over my life that I am accepted, valued and important. There is no other person like me.” Read the promise in Matthew 18:18.

  6. Call a Godly Friend: There is power in numbers and accountability in overcoming thoughts when you are weak. Brining in another warrior will provide intercessory for breakthrough and freedom. Wherever two or three are gathered He is in your midst. Matthew 18:20

  7. Have Grace on Yourself: The thought that you are battling may have been planted years ago. Don’t condemn or beat yourself up if you don’t always get it right and have slight relapses in your thoughts. Are you progressively moving forward and further than you were in your last season?

God cares about your thoughts.

When we post the 8th thought on God’s social media when we give an account, let’s have it be one that is based on truth. Happy jailing!

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