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The purposes for writing these blogs are simple. I pray after reading the posts you leave with PEACE and maybe receive a small NUGGET, not the chicken with sweet and sour type of nuggets...but the ones filled with wisdom purposed to feed your soul

As you enter into my thoughts, I pray peace with surround you letter by letter

Here   We    Go

February 14, 2018

Do you find yourself in a place of not having full clarity of what God wants you to do?  Are you a planner who needs a lot of detail before you make a move?  Nugget of Truth: the longer you are on a faith journey, the less God gives you details of His plan and next steps He wants you to take.

After years of serving the Lord, you will prayerfully become more in tune with God’s specific patterns in your life and need less details. God speaks to each of us so specifically and builds a track record of His faithfu...

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