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The purposes for writing these blogs are simple. I pray after reading the posts you leave with PEACE and maybe receive a small NUGGET, not the chicken with sweet and sour type of nuggets...but the ones filled with wisdom purposed to feed your soul

As you enter into my thoughts, I pray peace with surround you letter by letter

Here   We    Go

February 27, 2018

How fitting that this "No Smoking Permitted" sign is placed in front of parents protecting a child playing.  My first thoughts when seeing this sign were how smoking in front of children severely impacts children's health.  Yet, I see this taking place all the time.  Even if the smoking doesn't take place in front of the child, there is research that shows there are still negative consequences of the second hand smoke on children.  The smoke remains present in clothes, couches, cars, etc. and has a negative impac...

February 22, 2018

What lens are you looking through? We all have filters or lenses that we filter life through.  Our natural tendency is to filter things and our lives through what other's think, what the enemy thinks, or what we think.  These three perspectives will not get you to your God given destiny. Other's perspectives will not get you to your destiny. The enemies perspectives will not get you to your destiny.  Your own perspectives will not get you to your destiny. The only perspective that will lead to the divine purposes...

February 19, 2018

If you were traveling to or through a city and wanted to visit the points of interest, would you take this exit?  Of course not.  The purpose of the sign is to highlight all the attractions that the driver will encounter if they take exit 18.  But the sign is empty and doesn’t delineate any attractions.  When I saw this sign I laughed and thought: “there is nothing attractive in that exit…in fact the sign’s purpose is futile.  Why even have it?”

Yet, how often do we take exits in life where Go...

February 17, 2018

I saw this sign one day and knew ONLY the person in the right lane was supposed to or legally allowed to turn right.  While the left lane travelers had to remain traveling straight.  Obvious right?  Yet, how many times do we see someone in another lane (who appear to have things better) and we move to that lane to take the same turn?  When in actuality the lane you were traveling was meant to stay straight. 

Welcome to comparison.

When you look at other's lives, skills, accomplishments, an...

February 15, 2018

Had such a great time teaching and sharing tonight at Women's Bible Study on Valentines Day about "When Love Hurts."  If you missed it, we talked about how to love the unlovable and how to love those who have hurt, offended, persecuted or falsely accused us.  The Bible has a lot to say about "Love."  In fact, it appears in various forms in the Bible 491 times. 

We looked at the lives of Jesus and David to learn how to love the unlovable.  Jesus was betrayed, hurt, falsely accused and endured a bogus...

February 14, 2018

Do you find yourself in a place of not having full clarity of what God wants you to do?  Are you a planner who needs a lot of detail before you make a move?  Nugget of Truth: the longer you are on a faith journey, the less God gives you details of His plan and next steps He wants you to take.

After years of serving the Lord, you will prayerfully become more in tune with God’s specific patterns in your life and need less details. God speaks to each of us so specifically and builds a track record of His faithfu...

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